MindWorks for Conferences

Dates and Locations:

Kuala Lumpur - May 20th 2017 COMPLETED

London: Saturday 1st July - 9.30 am - 4.30 pm, Thistle City Barbican Hotel London, EC1V 8 DS

Dubai: Friday 24th November - Details soon

Think of the difference it would it make if you could Enjoy Work, Eliminate Stress and Earn More Money?

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There are so many factors that can get in the way of us enjoying our working life:

  • Morning commute and travel
  • Too much work
  • High expectations
  • Deadlines
  • Long hours
  • Colleagues
  • Bosses demands
  • Family and personal challenges
  • And so many more..

Darren Toms is an international coach, specialising in Mindset, corporate coaching and speaking events.  

Using our MindWorks Coaching Techniques , most powerful programme yet, we show audiences how to enjoy the working week and increase happiness and productivity in the workplace.

The high level flow of the day:

  • The 3 choices we all have every day
  • Where do we REALLY live
  • Language we must STOP using
  • How to handle PRESSURE 
  • How to be at your BEST (when you don't want to be)
  • How to handle negative situations and people
  • How to Earn more money in your job 
  • How to Eliminate stress and enjoy the working week

You'll leave feeling inspired to make powerful changes to your working life and you'll feel energised for the coming working week and beyond.

When you implement the learning from the day you'll start to see the opportunities to further enjoy every single day. 

People who have attended some of the corporate training events have said MindWorks has changed their life.  Actually, it's what THEY did with the learning that changed their life.

You're literally one decision away from changing your life, come and join us and see how your future can be amazing.