MindWorks in Dubai - Live Tour

We are excited to bring the MindWorks Programme to Dubai for the very first time.

In September 2017, we're inviting you to join us for one day and explore how your MindWorks at Work.

Aimed at people who want to Thrive at Work and deliver a world class performance, regardless of the challenges of modern day pressures.

Darren Toms, the Creator of the MindWorks Programme will be delivering a ONE DAY conference on how to Thrive at Work even when under pressure.

There are so many factors that can get in the way of enjoying our working week. These include:

  • Customer complaints
  • Bosses demands
  • Sales targets
  • Traffic to and from work
  • Workload
  • Rude behaviours
  • Pressures of life in Dubai

"You are literally ONE DECISION away from changing your whole life"

Far too many people wake up for work and have that feeling of pressure and stress. 

The MindWorks conference is designed to help people wake up energised and ready to deliver world class performance.

For years Darren has delivered the MindWorks tools in the corporate world with amazing success. 

Now is your chance to learn and adopt these techniques into your work (and personal life)

"There are no stressful situations, there are only stressful thoughts about situations" 

If we change the way we think about these challenging situations, we change how we deal with them.

There are so many challenges and pressures in modern day work and in Dubai. it can feel like having more pressure to succeed, especially if you're living away from friends and family at home.

"Too many people are suffering from work problems and all it takes is a shift in thinking to change everything"

Come and join us for a friendly, fun-filled and informative day that has the power to change your life forever!

Imagine, waking up for work and knowing that the challenges are still there and you still WANT to go to work and take these challenges on.

It's time - and space is limited. 

If you LOVE your work and never feel stressed at work, this conference is NOT for you. 

This is aimed at those people who want to learn techniques that will ELIMINATE stress(ful thinking) and enjoy their working life regardless of the day to day challenges.

Are you in HR or a Business Owner?

We would love to see you at our event so you can experience the impact that the MindWorks programme has - and see how it could add value to your teams.