About Darren

I flunked school and grew up thinking I was stupid. 

I managed to prove my beLIEfs right by failing most of my exams. 

 Left school and my first job was cleaning toilets in a 5 star hotel. 

My future looked bleak and, much to my parents despair, I moved into a variety of menial and not well paid jobs. (although I always found a way to be as happy as I could be).

I believed that this was my life destiny. I was wrong... I got a temp job (3 months initially) at a large Investment Bank, and built a successful 18 year career. 

My banking life gave me an environment that I enjoyed and thrived in. I managed to have a number of different roles and when I moved into a Training Function my life really changed. 

I ran technical training programmes and noticed that people were paid great money but were feeling stressed, unhappy and sometimes trapped (by the good salary). 

 I then moved into the inspirational side of being successful at work, the combination of Skills to do the job and the Mindset to Thrive. 

Realising that the need for showing people how to Thrive at work was larger than my Banking Career, I resigned and started my own business. 

My life became "flying all over the world running corporate training, coaching and speaking events."

 Not bad for a kid who left school, thinking I was stupid and cleaned toilets for a living. 

Today, I work in the classroom and use internet to show that Enjoying work will help live a great life, no matter what our job. 

Darren Toms